Welcome to BrewSmith. The easiest way to make great beer at home.

In 3 steps you could have home made beer in your fridge – it’s easier than making a cake.

So You Want to Brew Beer at Home?

Want to get started with home brewing – or just want to make better beer, Australia? You came to the right place.

When we started home brewing, it was really hard to get good advice and good brewing recipes. That’s the reason we started BrewSmith; so that anyone can make great beer at home.

After lots of brewing, a lot of trial and error, and a few friends willing to try our homebrewed beer, BrewSmith was born.

Why is it better? Well, these boutique craft beer making kits use top quality ingredients. They are made from 100% malt extract, world-class specialty grains, fresh hops, and high quality yeast.
We even source our ingredients from the same suppliers as the microbreweries!

Plus, with written AND video instructions so you can’t go wrong – you’ll have great tasting beer the first time.

The kit contains everything you need, just add bottles!

Is it time to get started?

What’s in the kit? – Learn how to brew with videos – What people say about the kits

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