15 Ways To Create An Unforgettable Father’s Day

Father’s Day is about waking up early to cook bacon and eggs. It’s about laughing at Dad’s bad ‘Dad jokes’. Father’s Day is about showing Dad appreciation for his support, for his sacrifices, for his love. 

But Father’s Day can get boring. Year, after year, after year of cards, socks, power tools and books gets repetitive. It gets boring.

We all know buying another bottle of beer from the shops can get boring, while brewing our own beer is a craft that continues being as satisfying as our first sip. Why? We put in effort. We earn our beer.

It is the same with Father’s Day. The more effort you put in, the better the day. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 15 awesome activities that require some effort from you, but will give your Dad the unforgettable Father’s Day he deserves.

1. Outdoor BBQ

An outdoor picnic means packing up some tasty food, going to a beautiful outdoor location, and spending time as a family. Okay, okay, okay. We know that sounds exactly like a picnic, but it sounds much more manly to call it an outdoor BBQ, don’t you think?

2. Build Together, Bond Together

Whether you build a birdhouse, a pillow fort, some Lego, a coffee table, a model aeroplane or put together a drone – it doesn’t matter. Why? Because what you’re really building is a lasting memory of Father’s Day.

3. Tell Dad To Take A Hike

Tell Dad to take a hike… and then let him know you’ll be coming along as your Father’s Day family activity. If your Dad loves being in nature, is a fitness fanatic, or simply likes to hike – he’ll love this idea. And remember to pack a tasty treat to enjoy at the end of your hike.

4. Go Go Karting

Chances are your Dad considers himself an expert driver. Most Dads do. Most Dads are expert drivers. So, take Dad go karting so he can show off his car racing skills.

5. Friendly Family Board Game

Family board games are a great way to bond, whether it’s Monopoly, Scrabble, or Cards Against Humanity. But we all know board games can blow up into heated arguments. So the real gift for Dad this Father’s Day is playing a game and making a pact with your siblings not to get into an argument.

6. DIY Card For DAD

Anyone can go the shops and buy a Father’s Day card. Instead, make your own card this Father’s Day. It’s like brewing your own beer – it means more when you make it yourself. Here are 21 DIY Ideas For Father’s Day Cards to get started.

7. EAT

You love food. Your Dad loves food. It’s perfect. Whether you cook something yourself, or go out to Dad’s favourite restaurant, as long as the tucker is tasty – Dad will be happy.

8. Favourite Movie Night

This isn’t a movie night to watch a Disney movie like Frozen for the 15th time, it’s a movie night where you watch one of Dad’s all time favourite movies with him. Whether it’s Star Wars, Chariots of Fire, or Rocky; your Dad will absolutely love sharing his favourite film with you.

9. Get Great Gifts

All these ideas are about creating an unforgettable Father’s Day. So that means you need an unforgettable gift to with your chosen activity. For some hilarious and epic ideas for Dads, such as sandal socks, beer brewing kits, and the gun alarm clock, check out these gifts for men.

10. Write Why Your Dad Is Awesome

Here’s an awesome printable, titled ‘All About My Dad’. You download it, print it, and fill it in. While it is designed for young children… I can’t help but think adult sons and daughters could add a touch of creativity and make it a hilarious addition to his Father’s Day card.

11. Catching Fish

Once, I heard a funny line from a man selling fishing lures. I asked him, “Do the fish really like all these fancy and brightly coloured lures?”. He answered, “I’m not selling them to the fish.”

The insight that we buy lures that appeal to us and not only the fish, helps reveal why we fish. It’s not just about catching fish, we love the activity. We love being amongst nature, we love waking up early, we love spending time with family and friends, we love the challenge. Catching fish is just a side benefit.
So don’t worry whether you actually catch any fish on Father’s Day, your Dad will still be having a great time.

12. Mini-Golf

Many Dads are obsessed with the regular sized golf with fairways and bunkers. But those courses simply aren’t family friendly, especially for young kids. Mini golf, on the other hand, is perfect for the entire family. Everyone can succeed at mini golf, Dad can show off his putting skills, and your Dad can teach you a trick or two.

13. Ten Pin Bowling

A strike…. A double…. A turkey! Ten pin bowling is a family friendly activity with high-fives all round that everyone can enjoy. Just remember that since it’s Father’s Day, you better let Dad win.

14. Biking Adventure

If your Dad is a member of the infamous lycra brigade, or simply enjoys a casual Sunday ride to get coffee, he’ll love going on a bike ride this Father’s Day. Just make sure you let him win when you start racing.

15. Help Dad Brew His Own Craft Beer

We saved the best for last. You could build a big birdhouse or bike to Brisbane, but nothing will be as satisfying for your Dad as brewing his own craft beer. Using one of our kits, beer brewing can start on Father’s Day, and grow into Dad’s favourite hobby.

Now you’ve read the list, it’s time to pick an idea or two and get started. And have an unforgettable Father’s Day!

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