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Black Gold: Turning Spent Brewing Grain Into Unbeatable Biscuits (Cookies)

What to do with those spent grains from the Chocolate Paradise Porter recipe So, you’ve made the chocolate paradise porter kit and your new baby beer is bubbling away in its fermenter.  But what to do with those speciality grains you used to give it its delicious chocolatey dark flavour?  We have a solution.  You […]

An Intro to Chocolate Paradise Porter

Dark beer? No one likes dark beer! Well, that’s what most people think – but is it fair? Just because most people think of the last time they tried a stale, possibly warm keg of Guinness “that one time at that Irish bar that I can’t remember the name of”? Hardly, Australia is just new […]

An Intro to Summer Citrus Blonde Ale

When making these recipes, we always use food as an inspiration. “Beer” flavour is nice, but to make a truly delicious beer, we knew to start with our favourite foods and flavours. What could be better than fruit? And we have tried a few witbiers with coriander seed, so it was certainly do-able to use […]

BrewSmith in ‘Time Out Melbourne’

Take some time out to read Time Out Melbourne…we’re in it! It should give a bit more background on what the heck it’s all about, and if BrewSmith for you, join us! Check out this interview we did with Time Out Melbourne: -Adrian