Monthly Archives: January 2013

BrewSmith Home Brewing Kits…Now in Retail!

The cool gift retailers of Melbourne seem to love these kits. Just recently, Urban Attitude asked to stock Honey Bomb and Summer Citrus Blonde us in all 4 of their stores (cool), and Third Drawer Down, the cute friendly shop in Fitzroy stocks all of our kit flavours (including Chocolate Paradise Porter)! So if you […]

Spent grain beer bread – healthy and sustainable! (and did we mention delicious?)

We’ve found another use for your spent grain from the Chocolate Paradise Porter recipe.  Bread!   Once the grains have been soaked and the chocolately rich goodness removed for the beer, they’re a perfect addition to bread.  They add some texture and a hint of sweetness – great for toast or even sandwiches.  And the smell […]

Where the Heck is BrewSmith in Jan/Feb 2013?

Good question! Piggybacking off Kate’s post asking where we will be over the next month or so… St. Kilda Twilight Market – Every Thursday until March, from 5-10pm – Fitzroy Market – 19 January – 10am – 3pm – People’s Market – 26 January and 3 February – 10am – 5-ish – Happy BrewSmithing! We’ll […]

Instant Powdered Beer!

It exists, apparently. I like camping, but packing an emergency dried beer ration is real commitment to your luxuries! Gizmodo explains further: There’s no reason it can’t taste great. Really looking forward to trying some of this when it’s available.

Spent grain dog biscuits – even your dog will appreciate you brewing!

Ever wondered how your dog could benefit from brewing?  Probably not..  However, he/she can!  Yes, it’s true!  With this spent grain dog biscuit recipe! The used speciality grains from your Chocolate Paradise Porter recipe can be made into a treat for your four legged friend.  Once they’ve been soaked and the chocolately rich goodness removed for […]