Monthly Archives: March 2013

What Would Jesus Brew? (WWJB)

As we celebrate this Easter and commemorate Jesus’ passing and rising, Team BrewSmith began to consider what it might have been like to be in his shoes: “How hot was it in Galilee?” “Forty days in the desert? Surely he brought something to drink…” “Why were the Romans so fashionable?”, and “Did he even have […]

Good Beer Week 2013 BrewSmith Event

So the program just came out for Good Beer Week, are you excited? Well, we are, so we put together a little event with the Little Mule in the Melbourne CBD. It’s call elemental beer and it’s about learning the fundamental (and esoteric) flavours in beer. You can’t make a good homebrew beer without know […]

Spent Grain Pizza Dough – Take your pizza and beer relationship to the next level!

Beer and pizza, pizza and beer.  Was there ever a better match?  Well, now you can take their relationship to the next level by adding spent brewing grain from your Chocolate Paradise Porter or Hoppy Heart IPA recipe to your pizza dough.  It adds a nice colour and crunch to the dough.  It also makes […]

Brew Q4: Is it hard to brew your own beer?

Answer: No Making beer at home really isn’t hard to do.  If you can make a soup, you can make beer!  People have been making beer at home in small batches for around 12,000 years.  When commercial brewing started in the 1800s, home brewing activity reduced.  However, home brewing skills are easy to learn, the […]