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Monday Craft Brew Review – Red Hill Brewery Wheat Beer

Monday Brew Review – Red Hill Brewery Wheat Beer Venue: Mrs. Parma’s – Melbourne CBD Red Hill’s Website Price: $7.50-ish ABV: 5.0% Ideal time and place: A sunny Autumn afternoon, after a quick jog. Goes great with: A chicken panini with some roasted red capsicum. Heck yeah. Two Best Things about this beer: Peachy/Apricot flavour […]

Brew Q2: Do I need a consistent temperature to brew?

Answer: No There’s a common belief that a consistent temperature is required for brewing, with a heater being required in winter and a fridge thermostat for summer.  For Australia, this is not the case.  As long as your brew during fermentation is above 10 degrees Celsius and below 30 degrees Celsius, it will turn out […]

Brew Q1: Will my bottles explode?

Answer:  No, your bottles will not explode. Everybody’s heard a story of a dad or a great uncle who used to brew beer at home and the bottles exploded and covered the living room walls in beer.  Obviously, you’re concerned that this might happen to you…  However, it won’t if you follow our pointers.  Exploding […]