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Brew Q #8 – Doesn’t it take, like, months to brew beer?

Answer: Nope! The yeast is usually done way before you’re ready to drink it. While it is true that some beers can take months to ferment, the BrewSmith beers don’t. Commercial lagers can take a very long time to complete fermentation. They’re held at a low temperature and ferment very slowly because that’s the style. […]

Brew Q7: Will My Home Brewed Beer Last As Long As Commercial Beer?

Answer: No, it’ll last way longer! Really? Why? For some reason, the discerning consumer want a clear beer. This means in most commercial beers, all of the yeast has been filtered out, and the beer has probably been super-heated as well (pasteurized). This means that there is nothing in the beer besides preservatives to prevent […]

Classic American Baked Cheesecake with Spent Grain Base

Have you been looking for some ideas of what to do with your spent grain from your BrewSmith Hoppy Heart IPA and Chocolate Paradise Porter recipes?  Have we got a treat for you!  This baked cheesecake with spent grain base went down a treat at a recent party we held.  The spent grain adds a […]

Monday Craft Brew Review – Mornington – Imperial IPA (Specialty)

Give your mouth a workout…with this limited batch IPA Venue: BrewSmith HQ, via Mordy Cellar Door The Crafty Pint’s Description – and Mornington’s Website (no info on the beer, however) Price: $7.50 ABV: 8.5% Ideal time and place: listening to funk in a dive bar on a brisk fall evening. Goes great with: BBQ pork […]

Brew Q6: Will I go blind from brewing my own beer?

Answer: Not from beer, but from low-quality moonshine! This myth was probably popularized during American prohibition: cheap/dirty illegal whiskey had all sorts of impurites. If it were distilled improperly, the methanol in the batch could become concentrated. Drink it, and your nerves suffer pretty heavily, not only from methanol but from the chemicals it becomes […]

Monday Craft Brew Review – Feral Brewing – Raging Flem

So they call this a Belgian IPA… Venue: Beer Deluxe – Federation Square Feral Brewing Co’s Website Price: $10 ABV: 8.5% (on tap) Ideal time and place: at a bar after drinking two IPA’s, so you can’t tell that it’s full of American hops Goes great with: Lime+pepper grilled prawns Two Best Things about this […]

Brew Q5: Do I Need Expensive Equipment to Brew Beer?

Answer: Not really! Most of the fancy equipment that you can buy is only relevant if you want to totally geek out, make brewing more complicated, and brew directly from grain. BrewSmith home brewing kits smooth the process: All the measuring, monitoring and testing has been done already All the equipment you need is in […]