Monthly Archives: June 2013

Monday Brew Review – Bierwerk’s Rooibos Saison

Yes, that’s right. An African saison with tea. Ok, let’s dive in. Venue: BrewSmith HQ via McCoppins, Richmond  No Website. Here’s their Untappd Page Price: $8.5 ABV: 6.5% Ideal time and place: Drinking an afternoon cocktail at a trashy beachfront bar. This would be a great palate balancer. Goes great with: fish/shrimp/prawn tacos. Two Best […]

Monday Brew Review – Camelthorn Brewery’s Bokbeer

Namibian beer, eh? Why not… Venue: BrewSmith HQ, via McCoppins, Richmond  Cameltorn Brewery’s Website – Oddly, there’s no mention of this beer Price: $8.99 ABV: 6% Ideal time and place: Hiding from your parents and drinking behind the shed. Goes great with: Nandos? Or something spicy. Two Best Things About This Beer: Very bold – […]

BrewQ #11 – Why Add Hops at Different Times?

Answer: It’s for the flavour and the smell. We’ll explain: When you add hops to the boiling wort (your un-fermented beer), many chemical reactions take place. The most important (and most noticeable) of these is converting much of the hop resin into bitter compounds. This happens all the way through the boil, and it’s integral […]

Monday Brew Review – Little Creatures – Shepherd’s Delight

Venue: A cold and rainy evening at BrewSmith HQ, via McCoppins, Richmond  Crafty Pint’s Description of the beer Price: $7.50 (568mL) ABV: 6.2% Ideal time and place: At home on a super wet and chilly evening. This totally hit the spot. Goes great with: spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce. It can hold it’s own. […]

Friday Brew Q#10 – Can I Use Things Like Maple Syrup or Honey to Carbonate My Beer?

Short Answer: It’s a bad idea While maple sugar and honey are delicious, unfortunately, they aren’t very consistent products. Various types of maple syrup can have very different concentrations of sugar. Honey as well, depends on the type of nectar, water content and types of sugar it is composed of. All of these variables will […]

How to Feed Your Addiction to Sriracha…For Cheap!

That’s right, everyone’s favorite Vietnamese hot sauce from San Jose, California is easy to make. Who knew? From “I’ve seen quite a few variations of sriracha made in home kitchens, some are cooked, others fresh, some have fish sauce, while others have tomatoes. But they all share chiles, vinegar, garlic, salt and a sweetener, […]

Monday Craft Brew Review – St. Peter’s Brewery – Cream Stout

Venue: An Eastern European household, via McCoppins, Richmond St. Peter’s Brewery Website Price: $10 (500mL) ABV: 6.5% Ideal time and place: Waiting in reception for the dentist. This will definitely calm your nerves. Goes great with: a coffee, just for balance. Two Best Things About This Beer: Ultra creamy and flavourful. The bottle is way […]

Brew Q #9 – How Long Should I Wait for My Beer To Start Bubbling?

Answer: 48 hours is the longest it should take to start fermenting. As winter encloses us here in Melbourne, fermentation doesn’t come quite so easily. The cold temperatures will slow down everything your little yeasties do, including waking up and smelling the malt (so to speak). In the warmer months, we’ve had beers start bubbling […]

Monday Craft Beer Review – Tuatara Mayday Double APA

Venue: East of Everything (their Facebook page, cause the website’s blank) Tuatara’s Website/Description Price: $10 (330mL) ABV: 10.5% Ideal time and place: A lazy, sunny afternoon when you feel like you should be doing something. Two Best Things About This Beer: Incredible hop flavour and aroma Super dense and needs to be sipped Two Weaknesses: […]