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Spent Grain Christmas (in July or not) Pudding

I don’t know about you but Mr BrewSmith and I have been invited to a few ‘Christmas in July’ dinners recently.  We decided to make Christmas pudding for the last one and experimented by adding some spent grain.  It turned out quite well (if I do say so myself).  This hearty, warm, sweet pudding is […]

BrewQ #15 – What’s the RIGHT way to pour a BrewSmith beer?

This is something that I get wrong from time to time and can be one of the most irritating things about beer – it’s cloudy, too much head, or just shoots out of the bottle like an excited race-horse. Here’s how to pour a home-brewed beer properly (or any beer with natural sediment). Store your […]

Monday Brew Review – Sierra Nevada’s Ruthless Rye IPA

It’s friendlier than the label says… Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via McCoppin’s Richmond Sierra Nevada’s Website Price: $5.50 ABV: 6.6% Ideal time and place: A dark cold evening while watching a crude gangster movie. Goes great with: Anything spiced with rosemary Two Best Things about this Beer: It’s real big and rich: malty, bitter, and […]

BrewQ #14 – What kind of bottles should I use for my beer?

So your beer is bubbling away, and now you’re freaking out – “oh crap, I forgot to get some bottles!” Never fear; you may have everything you need in your recycling bin. Yes, really! To bottle your beer, you need something strong and resealabe (and meant for carbonation). At BrewSmith HQ, we use: Twist-off wine […]

Spent grain pear and cinnamon crumble

Looking for some comfort food during those cold winter nights?  Looking for a use for those spent grains from your latest batch of beer?  Then look no further!  We have a solution to both of those problems.  Spent grain pear and cinnamon crumble.  Warming, sweet, comforting and with icecream, even more delicious!   Filling Ingredients […]

Monday Brew Review – Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Because sometimes the label doesn’t lie… Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via Dan Murphy’s Wells and Young’s Website Price: $12 – 500mL ABV: 5.2% Ideal time and place: A dark cold evening…or a birthday party. Versatile beer. Goes great with: Vanilla ice cream or chocolate cake. Or even try doing a ‘spider’ with it. Two Best […]

BrewQ #13 – Can I Use Homegrown Hops in my Beer?

Of course you can! The hard part is using the right amount. Hops vary a fair bit in their bitterness when they are grown, generally 10-20% depending on the harvest. This can change the bitterness of your brew significantly. So what to do? Test them with your super sensitive chemical testing laboratory (your tongue). Make […]