Monthly Archives: August 2013

Monday Brew Review – Renaissance Brewing – Enlightenment Wheat IPA

The Kiwis decide to defect to the USA Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via McCoppin’s Richmond The Most Relevant Website I Could Find Price: $13.50 (500mL) ABV: 7.4% Ideal time and place: Not on a hot day. After drinking a whole bottle, you’d probably stumble into the nearest low-lying area, pass out and perhaps experience a […]

New BrewSmith Beer – Aussie Wattle Pale Home Brewing Kit and Recipe

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy brewing in the BrewSmith kitchen (and moving house), and are pleased to announce the imminent release of Aussie Wattle Pale Ale. Frankly, we were quite surprised that there aren’t more beers using Aussie native herbs and spices. We experimented with many Australian herbs, fruits and nuts and […]

Monday Brew Review – 4 Pines – El Dorado IPA

Because America doesn’t get enough press these days…? Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via McCoppin’s Richmond Crafty Pint’s Article on the New Beer Price: $7.99 (500mL) ABV: 6% Ideal time and place: Talking with a boring workmate at after work drinks. This beer will distract you from the conversation, and provide you with a welcome distraction; […]

Brew Q #17 – But I Don’t Wanna Shake My Baby!

Brew Q: “I started brewing, finished the boil and cooled down my baby beer. Why do I need to shake it? Isn’t that cruel?” A: Now that you’re attached to your new baby beer, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to shake it (‘Isn’t that bad for babies?”). However, there’ a good reason. Your yeast […]

Monday Brew Review – Founders Brewing – Breakfast Stout

Who needs cereal? Beer for breakfast is more nutritious anyways… Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via McCoppin’s Richmond Founder’s Brewing Company’s Website (pardon the irritating American “Are You 21?” pop-up) Price: $6.99 ABV: 8.3% <——-Pay attention! This is serious. Ideal time and place: That perfect Monday morning. The one where all the transportation is shut down, […]