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We’re Adrian and Carolyn, founders of BrewSmith.

Our passion for brewing beer at home started in 2011 when we bought a homebrewing book and kit.  We excitedly started on our beer making journey and whilst sometimes we made really good tasting beer, sometimes we really didn’t – the results weren’t at all consistent.  We just weren’t sure what we were doing, we didn’t really know where to go for help and what do you do with 30 litres of beer that doesn’t taste that

We didn’t want to upset our friends any more with our hit and miss beers so we decided to develop our own beer making kit.  We imported kits from around the world and set about trying to find the best elements.  We made lots of beer, we drank lots of it (yes, aren’t we dedicated!) and we think we’ve developed the best one there’s ever been.  Introducing BrewSmith. The first homebrewing kit that helps you make craft quality beer at home.

We hope you enjoy your BrewSmith kit and most importantly beer.  Drop us a line and show us your brewing handiwork.

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