As a chill returns to the air here in Victoria, it’s time for some nice dark beers. If you live somewhere hot – we have recipes for you too! These Autumn recipes are mostly based on the darker beer refills. With a few little additions, we can really make them shine. By the time they’re ready to drink, the weather should suit these beers well.
BrewSmith Red Rye Ale Poured Craft Beer Photo

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Dark Red Rye Ale – Won its category in the Grafton Homebrew Competition
This recipe is an adaptation of the Red Rye Ale recipe. While it’s already a fairly hearty beer, for the chilly season why not give it a little bump?

For this recipe, use an extra 200g of Crystal Malt and 50g of Roasted Barley. The crystal malt will add a bit more sweetness and body as well as about .7% ABV more alcohol content. The roasted barley is mostly for colour, but it can add a slight smokiness to a beer like this.

When making this beer, add an extra 500mL of water when preparing the steeping grains.

Want to do something even cooler? Add an extra 250mL of water and ½ cup of raisins to the steeping grains. Make sure to slice them down the middle before adding. This should add some complex flavours and another .5% to the ABV, too.
Ferment for at least 2 weeks.
Approx. ABV 6.7-7.5%, colour should be a very deep ruby.

Spiced Wheaty Brown
You’ll need a steeping grain pot and a Honey Bomb Wheat recipe and some grains for steeping:

  • 100g of Crystal Malt
  • 50g Chocolate Malt
  • 1/4 tsp cardamon
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • When making this beer, use 750mL of water when preparing the steeping grains. Boil and let cool for 3 minutes before adding to the steep pot. Strain and add the liquid to the main boil after 30 minutes of steeping. Add the spices at flameout.
    Ferment for at least two weeks, but otherwise brew as you would a Honey Bomb Wheat beer recipe.
    Approx. ABV 6.8-7.5%, colour is a ruddy brown.

    Dark Blonde

    Picture of BrewSmith Summer Citrus Blonde Ale Poured Homebrewed Beer and Bottle

    Like this, but black!

    This one is a real kick in the mouth, and will brew really well in warm temperatures (WA/QLD/NT). It vaguely resembles Toohey’s Old, but without the blandness. Just like the Wheaty Brown, you’ll need a steeping grain pot. You’ll also need a Summer Citrus Blonde Ale recipe.

  • 100g of Crystal Malt
  • 50g Chocolate Malt
  • 50g of Roasted Barley
  • Same instructions as the Wheaty Brown, but make sure to start steeping the grains before you start the boil. Ferment at least 2 weeks.
    Approx. ABV 5.5-5.9%, colour is similar to porter

    Baltic Porter
    Treacle is a very interesting ingredient when it ferments. It will darken a beer significantly, leave a bit of residual charred/tar-like flavour and add a few points of ABV. There’s even a slight saltiness that deepens the flavour. We love it! It adds a lot of alcoholic heat though, so at least 2 months of aging in the bottle is recommended.
    Add an extra 500mL of water to the steeping grains, and these extra ingredients:

  • 200g Crystal Malt (or Dark Crystal)
  • 20g Roast Barley
  • 1/2 cup treacle (add at the end of the boil). For a milder flavour, use 1/4 cup
  • Ferment at least 3 weeks
    Approx. ABV 6.2-7.2%, colour is a deep black.

    Winter Spiced Cider
    Use a normal Simple Cider recipe refill and add 1/4 tsp cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamon (or a mixture) and a whole clove when fermentation has slowed. Leave for 3-5 days and then bottle. We recommend adding most of the sweetener. Instant Autumn flavours! Perfect for warm climates too.

    Let us know how your brews go – they should be ready when it starts to cool down!
    Post a photo on Instagram or Facebook and show off your handiwork.

    Happy cool season!
    -Team BrewSmith

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