Big-tacular BrewSmith Beers

We’ve been asked for a long time to produce big homebrewing kit refills, and we’ve tested a few and even had some intrepid customers help us test. To accommodate beer festivals, kegs were purchased and filled with experimental large batches of beer.

Now that we’ve tried all the homebrewing recipes in a quadruple batch (18 litres), we’ve found a few things that needed to be changed with the up-scale and we’re confident that these will produce great beer. Tested with 4x BrewSmith fermenters, they should be just fine with big ‘ole barrels too.

  • 18 litre batches need 19+ litre boil pots, and a 5+ litre steeping pot (for some of the recipes)
  • Your own choice of sanitizer (since we won’t know how much you’ll need)
  • Your choice of fermenter
  • They’re so big, they fill an entire kit carton on their own!

All the recipes are available (except cider) on the website >HERE<

***Available as a limited release on the website at the moment***

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