Sydney Brewing and Bacon Making Classes

Work Shop Sydney Class pic

Sydney siders, come join us for an evening of craft beer tasting and home brewing. This time, we’ll be developing a recipe in class for you to use when you get home as well as the usual introduction to the flavours and ingredients of beers and how to use them. Tickets at Work Shop’s website. […]

Welcome Back to Summer – New Brewing Recipes and Brew School

BrewSmith Galactic Golden Ale Homebrewing Recipe Refill Bag

We’re back, and so is our favourite summer beer, Galactic Golden Ale. We have a limited supply and it’s been selling rather quickly this year; it really is a great drinking beer in the heat. Also coming up is a new brew school. It’s different from our usual class, will be doing some new things […]

Brew School in Fitzroy – 2 Nov 2017

Map for Workshop Melbourne Homebrew School

We’re having another home brewing class coming up in a couple weeks. Learn the ingredients and flavours of beer and we’ll make a custom recipe you can take home to brew. Oh, and we’ll be having a lot of beers to taste as well! Tickets here: See you then!

New Home Brewing Stuff on Sale

BrewSmith Homebrewing Australia Carbonating Bottling Funnel Photo with Bottle

We’ve ran across some cool stuff recently and thought we’d add them to the store. First off is a set of bottle labels for the Hoppy Heart IPA, Honey Bomb and Chocolate Paradise Porter. They’re pretty nice, and we found them in storage (must’ve forgotten about them) To celebrate, we’ve got them free with any […]

15 Ways To Create An Unforgettable Father’s Day

Father’s Day is about waking up early to cook bacon and eggs. It’s about laughing at Dad’s bad ‘Dad jokes’. Father’s Day is about showing Dad appreciation for his support, for his sacrifices, for his love.  But Father’s Day can get boring. Year, after year, after year of cards, socks, power tools and books gets […]

Red Rye Ale Returns – Let Us Know, What Beer Would You Like to See Next?

Our Autumn seasonal brew Red Rye Ale is returning to production and will be available starting 27th of March (Pre-order now)! This is a rich, malty beer well balanced with a large dose of late addition hopping. At about 6% ABV, it’s the right beer as the weather starts cooling down. Available as a Kit […]