Upcoming Laneway Learning Homebrewing Class

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Want to learn about beer? Want to try a bunch of our favourite beers too? Of course you do! Join us next Tuesday for an introduction to brewing, learning the hows and whats and try a bunch of world class beers. We’ll even be making one while we learn. More details here: http://melbourne.lanewaylearning.com/classes/homebrewing-fun-fermentation-10/

A Short History of Fruit in Beer And How To Use It

It’s highly likely that wine likely dates back just as far as beer, but from what we can tell, historic people didn’t care for distinctions like we do today and were happy to mix their fermentable ingredients into various types of beverages. There is chemical evidence from the tenth millennium B.C.E, which shows beer with […]

Autumn Recipes

As a chill returns to the air here in Victoria, it’s time for some nice dark beers. If you live somewhere hot – we have recipes for you too! These Autumn recipes are mostly based on the darker beer refills. With a few little additions, we can really make them shine. By the time they’re […]

X-Mas Mead Recipe Is X-Cellent

Picture of homebrewed mead in glass with christmas tree

This is an old recipe which we tried first a few years ago. It went down great, especially considering it was the first mead we had ever brewed. This one uses bread yeast and includes fruit and spices to make a delicious honey-based brew. Ten thousand years of drinkers can’t be wrong! The recipe is […]

Laneway Learning Home Brewing Class – 19 October 2015

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Coming up in a week or two is a new class hosted by the Laneway Learning folks in their Brunswick location. We’ll be learning the basics of beer, the different flavours, how they’re used as well as drinking a bunch of beers and making one in class. Sound fun? Join us for some crafty beer […]

Quick Craft Brew Review – Victory Brewing – Hop Devil IPA

Pic of Victory Brewing Hop Devil IPA bottle pouring craft beer

Very sweet, fruity, grape aroma. Mild taste and the beer’s not too heavy. It’s very highly hopped though, but balanced to a ‘T’. This is a strong, smooth, deceptive and well refined craft beer. The flavours bounce around in your mouth, none really overpowering the other. Then it finishes very smooth with only a slight […]

Tangerine Honey Wheat Recipe

Picture of a tangerine on white background

Going back into our recipe archives, we had a recipe that we’d love to share. If you were in the BrewSmith Brew Club this summer, you’ll already have this recipe. The Brew Club is a fun way to share some extra cool freebies and recipe hacks. Join us here! Anyway, the recipe; it was an […]