Craft Brew Review – Moa Brewing – St Joseph’s Tripel

Picture of Moa St Josephs Belgian Bottle

This is One Mash-Up I Can Agree With Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via McCoppin’s Richmond Moa Brewing’s beer listing page Price: $7.99 ABV: 9.5% Ideal time and place: A musky library that smells of rich mahogany. Goes great with: A bit of poetry. Two Best Things about this Beer: -A unique spicy, herbally, earthy taste. […]

Renaissance Brewing Porter Ale – Monday Brew Review

picture of Renaissance Brewing porter Ale poured into glass

A Big Hoppy Porter Done Well When it poured like a heavy ink, I knew I was in for something special. Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via McCoppin’s Richmond Renaissance Brewings Page on the beer Price: $9.99? ABV: 6% Ideal time and place: A surprise rough and rainy day. This’ll turn your mood around. Goes great […]

Edge Brewing Project – Ashes to Mashes

Picture of Edge Brewing project Ashes to Mashes bottle and poured beer in glass

Ma! The Wattleseed Done Gone Run Off! Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via McCoppin’s Richmond The most informative page I could find. Price: $8.99 ABV: 7.8% Ideal time and place: Picture yourself jamming with a funk band. You’re the bass player, obviously. Goes great with: Cake Two Best Things about this Beer: Excellent balance of roasty/sweet/chocolate […]

Monday Brew Review – Williams Brothers Brewing – Ebulum Elderberry Black Ale

Picture of Ebulum Elderberry Black Ale and Bottle

Dark, Mysterious and…Elderberry-y? Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via McCoppin’s Richmond William’s Brothers Brewing Page on the Beer Price: $5.99 ABV: 6.5% Ideal time and place: Performing a druid ritual or something. Goes great with: A blood pudding. Two Best Things about this Beer: The sweet starchiness of the elderberry. It’s subtle, but if you’ve tasted […]

BrewSmith on Tour to Sydney and Canberra

As we prepare for another season, it’s high-time we visited our friends and patrons up north. This whole Easter Weekend and week, we’ll be in Sydney for two Laneway Learning classes and also meeting new/old stockists. We’ll also be dropping into the Buchan Caves and Mallacoota on the way up. The return trip through Canberra […]

New BrewSmith Beer – Red Rye Ale Homebrewing Kit and Recipe

  It’s Autumn already – time for a nice, hearty red ale. We wanted to make it rich, so it’s packed with 4 different types of specialty grains which give it huge body and a delicious flavour. Taming the maltiness is a heavy load of dry hopping and a touch of rye giving this beer […]