So yesterday I decided to make some bread and some yogurt from scratch… Or at least, from the very basic ingredients.

The bread recipe I used was called, ‘Dee’s health bread’ and can be found at:

It worked out pretty well.  It is a nice chewy consistency, with linseed and sunflower kernals, along with some honey and treacle for a touch of sweetness.  The recipe involves quite a bit of faffing around, with lots of kneading, waiting for the dough to rise, forming the dough into balls, resting (both yourself and the dough) and finally cooking!  The smell is amazing, almost too good as your stomach rumbles furiously while making it!

I think the work paid off as it delivered 5 loaves of bread at around $6.  And it was really tasty!  I’ll freeze most of it and it should last a few weeks.  Store bought equivalent would cost around $12.50 so a 52% saving.

As for the yogurt, I used a recipe from a baby food website as it seemed to be straight forward (and having a baby wasn’t a pre-requisite)!:

All you need is a litre of milk and 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt that contains live cultures.  And then you need time…

You heat the milk to a high temperature to get rid of any bacteria and then let it cool a little before adding a pinch of yogurt (as a starter culture) and putting it in a warm place.  Now comes the time – at least 7 hours!  I put my yogurt inside a small container of hot water and then put that our cooler (although this time for warmth).  The yogurt tastes pretty nice but beware, it is much thinner than store bought yogurt as it doesn’t contain any thickening agents.  I’d tried this recipe once before and it was a little too thin so this time I added some milk powder…  It was a little thicker but still not like the bought stuff.  Will try it again!

A few minutes of my time and effort created a litre of yogurt at a cost of around $2.  It’ll keep in the fridge for a few weeks and it would be great with some fruit added to it.  Store bought equivalent would cost around $10 (2 cartons) so an 80% saving.

Not bad for a morning’s work!

2 replies on “Breeding Bread and Yogurt

  • Andrew

    You can thicken the yogurt by adding a few drops of calcium chloride. I’m pretty sure I got mine from Green Living Australia. Just a tip. 🙂

    • Carolyn

      OK, great! I do have some actually which I got with my cheese making kit from Green Living Australia. Didn’t know you could also use it for yogurt! Cheers!


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