We made some mead and we liked it!

A few weeks ago, we attempted to make mead.  It was a very simple recipe (honey, water, yeast, an orange and a few spices) which was super easy to make with the only real challenge being the wait before you can drink it.

We left the fermenter for 10 weeks before we bottled it.  During this time it bubbled quite furiously initially, then calmed down before clearing.

We were less patient in opening the bottles..  After just a week, we’d already opened one.  We had heard that it can be a bit rough at first but we were really pleasantly surprised.  This mead tastes great!  It’s better than mead we’ve bought in craft beer pubs.  No kidding!  It has a subtle honey flavour and the orange, cinnamon and clove flavours really come through.  It’s like Christmas in a glass!  Which is lucky since Christmas is just around the corner and if we manage to keep our hands off it, we’ll have some to drink to celebrate.  Great chilled in a wine glass on a summer’s day.  Highly recommended!


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We made mead and we liked it!

Mead made with our BrewSmith kit

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