Brew Q1: Will my bottles explode?

Answer:  No, your bottles will not explode.

Everybody’s heard a story of a dad or a great uncle who used to brew beer at home and the bottles exploded and covered the living room walls in beer.  Obviously, you’re concerned that this might happen to you…  However, it won’t if you follow our pointers.  Exploding home brew bottles are a result of beer that hasn’t fully fermented prior to bottling or too much sugar in bottles during the secondary fermentation phase.

BrewSmith beer making kits prevent exploding bottles by:

  • Using higher quality yeast that aids more complete fermentation
  • Using malt extract that ferments more completely than sugar that you might add to kit cans
  • Clearly outlining in our instructions when to bottle your beer.  You need to wait until your beer has fully fermented – you can tell this by beer having clarified, beer bubbling only every minute or less and beer having been fermenting for at least one week
  • Clearly outlining in our instructions how much sugar to put in your bottles (half a teaspoon of sugar for stubbie bottles)

Follow the instructions and you will be fine!  No exploding bottles here!

For further information on bottling, see our bottling video in step 3 of how to brew at:

BrewSmith beer bottle doesn't ecplode

If you follow the instructions, your beer bottles will not explode

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