BrewQ #13 – Can I Use Homegrown Hops in my Beer?

Of course you can! The hard part is using the right amount. Hops vary a fair bit in their bitternesBrewQ 13 Can I use home grown hops in my home brewed beer photos when they are grown, generally 10-20% depending on the harvest. This can change the bitterness of your brew significantly. So what to do? Test them with your super sensitive chemical testing laboratory (your tongue).

Make up two batches of hop tea – one using your ‘standard’ pelletized hop, one using your homegrown hops.

*Fresh hops are about 5-6x heavier than pelletized hops, so use 5x as much in your homegrown hop tea

  1. Boil water
  2. Add water to the two batches
  3. Let them sit until cool
  4. Taste them!

Which is more bitter? Now you know a direction to adjust your recipe, using either more or less homegrown hops vs. pellets.

Test your new ratio with another hop tea, and you should be very close…and you’ll know how much to use in your next brew.

Happy BrewSmithing!

And feel free to post up photos of your home-grown! (hops, I mean)

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