An Intro to Honey Bomb Wheat

Honey Bomb Refill Pack


Honey bomb was the first recipe that we developed here in the BrewSmith kitchen because I wanted to drink a nice rich honey wheat. There are a few honey wheats on the market, but they don’t have half the flavour of this one!

A few tips when brewing this one:

  • Use high-quality local honey: Store-bought honey is usually very bland, and you won’t have nearly as much flavour using boring commercial honey. One reason: commercial hives are often fed a solution of table sugar, so they often won’t have much real nectar in ’em. So it’s worth the extra effort to find local honey.
  • Be prepared to filter out lots of hops with your sieve. There are extra hops in this recipe to add aroma and flavour.
  • Otherwise, this is a very simple recipe.
  • The tastiest result is approximately 1 month after brewing. The honey taste will gradually subside with time, and the alcohol content will increase.

Check out: for video demos. Or go to the brewing video directly:

Happy BrewSmithing! Feel free to ask questions in the comments.


5 replies on “An Intro to Honey Bomb Wheat

  • Amy

    Hey, is this beer like an American Wheat Beer / Hefeweizen or more like a German Hefeweizen? Also, which hops are provided in this recipe? Thanks!

  • Adrian

    Hey Amy, this one’s closest to an American style wheat. The exact hops are a bit of our ‘secret sauce’, however it’s a combination of a few varieties from around the world. Most of the aroma is from the honey, so we recommend using high-quality local stuff. It makes a huge difference.
    Happy BrewSmithing!

  • Phil

    Hey – has anyone tried using leatherwood honey in this recipe?
    Its got a pretty full on unique taste, just wondering if anyones tried it before…. I feel it could be a “make or break” thing….


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