BrewSmith on Tour to Sydney and Canberra

Picture of BrewSmith Australia Ford Falcon before a trip to Sydney and CanberraAs we prepare for another season, it’s high-time we visited our friends and patrons up north. This whole Easter Weekend and week, we’ll be in Sydney for two Laneway Learning classes and also meeting new/old stockists. We’ll also be dropping into the Buchan Caves and Mallacoota on the way up. The return trip through Canberra should be enlightening as we check out Lonsdale Street, having a fancy coffee and perhaps growing another mustache or two. We’ll be sharing our scenic photos, beer tastings, brewery insights and other fun on Instagram (here) and if you know of any shops that should carry our kits, contact us here!

If you’re in the area camping or in town, say g’day (we’d appreciate recommendations for awesome spots to see, drink and enjoy too).

Happy BrewSmithing!


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