BrewSmith Shipping Info – Australia, New Zealand, and More…

BrewSmith is shippable Australia-wide, and World-Wide


Shipping costs for a kit: Victoria – $10, Rest of Australia $15  (If you order a kit, we can ship up to two refills for free in the same order!)

Add $5 for the next 2 kits.


Shipping costs for 1-2 refills: All Australia $10


Shipping cost for 3-7 refills: $10 Victoria, $15 Rest of Australia

So it’s worthwhile to stock up and order a bunch of refills at once!


Shipping cost for Accessories

Bottle caps and syphons ship for $5

Labels and Sanitizer (up to 5) $5


NZ Shipping

Accessories or Refills – $30

Kits – $60 for one, $65 for two


World-Wide Shipping

Contact us for a quote.


Any other q’s or if you need help, please send us a message at: Contact and Help

Thanks again, and Happy BrewSmithing!

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