An Intro to Summer Citrus Blonde Ale

When making these recipes, we always use food as an inspiration. “Beer” flavour is nice, but to make a truly delicious beer, we knew to start with our favourite foods and flavours. What could be better than fruit? And we have tried a few witbiers with coriander seed, so it was certainly do-able to use them in something more subtle.

This one took a fair bit of experimenting to come up with a good ratio of spices, lemon peel, and the right yeast. We did something like a dozen batches to find the right balance. To keep the blonde ale extra “blonde” the boil is shorter than usual – this keeps the sugars from caramelizing.


  • It’s hard to use too much lemon peel in this one – a huge lemon’s worth of peel is fine. If you are using a tiny lemon, get another one and use it too. You won’t regret it.
  • If you don’t have a grater, scrape the lemon peel with a serrated knife. It’s a little slower but will do the same job
  • As the beer ages, the citrus notes mellow to let more of the grainy spiciness of the coriander seed shine through. Either way, it’s good to drink young or aged.
  • Adding other fruits or spices in place of the lemon works very well. We’ve tried orange (really nice) and ginger so far. Will someone try lime and let us know how it turns out? Grapefruit could be a winner too…
  • Don’t mind the slight haze, that’s normal and means your beer has healthy protein in it! No silly cold filtering here!

Anyways, I think we succeeded in making something eminently drinkable. It’s really refreshing when slightly chilled, however I am a bit of a savage and drink it warm all the time. Try a few variants: orange, ginger, grapefruit…kiwi? Let us know what you’re brewing and how it turns out. We might try a few of these with you.

Happy BrewSmithing!


P.S. here’s the link to the brewing video if you don’t have it already:

4 replies on “An Intro to Summer Citrus Blonde Ale

  • Phil

    Another total noob question – What ‘kind’ of malt extract is in the summer citrus kit? I realise it might be a secret… but I liked it and was thinking of experimenting a little with similar/same type malts by different brands etc. once this current batch is finished

  • Phil

    Yeah, that helps – as I said :
    me = total noob
    unidentified powder that turns into beer = light dried malt extract

    Cheers 😉


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