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GBW 2015 Gala Showcase

If you missed last week’s Good Beer Week Gala Showcase, it was a good one. There were several unique and outstanding craft beers, and it wasn’t even that crowded this year! Here are a few photos we took sampling and tasting a whole lot of craft beer. We shared some of the new beers, such […]

Christmas gifts he (or she) will love!

Picture of BrewSmith Homebrewing Australia Home Brewing Kit and Fermenter and Fern

The Christmas season is fast approaching and women everywhere will soon be contemplating what to buy for the men in their lives. A survey conducted by Officeworks showed that only 26% of Australians like the presents they receive, and women find it much harder to buy gifts for men. Luckily, we have some quirky ideas […]

BrewSmith on Tour to Sydney and Canberra

As we prepare for another season, it’s high-time we visited our friends and patrons up north. This whole Easter Weekend and week, we’ll be in Sydney for two Laneway Learning classes and also meeting new/old stockists. We’ll also be dropping into the Buchan Caves and Mallacoota on the way up. The return trip through Canberra […]

BrewSmith at the Good Beer Showcase 2013

Brand new Good Beer Showcase – Wed 9th/Thu 10th – October If you haven’t heard, the old Microbrewery Showcase is no more, now replaced by an unwieldy event of beer, wine and cider mashed into one. In response, a new event has been set up exclusively for breweries, and yes, we will be a part […]

Good Beer Week 2013 BrewSmith Event

So the program just came out for Good Beer Week, are you excited? Well, we are, so we put together a little event with the Little Mule in the Melbourne CBD. It’s call elemental beer and it’s about learning the fundamental (and esoteric) flavours in beer. You can’t make a good homebrew beer without know […]

Announcing the Release of New BrewSmith Flavour – Hoppy Heart IPA

BrewSmith is pleased to announce the launch of a new addition to its beer recipe range.  The launch of Hoppy Heart India Pale Ale coincides with Valentine’s Day and has been especially designed with hop lovers in mind.   “Hoppy Heart IPA is refreshing and hoppy but without being too bitter”, explains BrewSmith founder, Adrian […]

Australia’s Next Beer

Now that we’ve moved a few kits, it’s time to start thinking about the future. Give us your beer recommendations: What should be the next BrewSmith beer? Comment below or post on our Facebook wall. You could be a part of history (the future?). We’re thinking in the lighter direction: pale ale, bitter, etc. Good […]

BrewSmith in ‘Time Out Melbourne’

Take some time out to read Time Out Melbourne…we’re in it! It should give a bit more background on what the heck it’s all about, and if BrewSmith for you, join us! Check out this interview we did with Time Out Melbourne: -Adrian