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Barley vs Malt – What’s the Deal? The Brewing Files

Most brewing geeks when describing a beer will often interchangeably use ‘malt’ and ‘barley’ – but what do they really mean? Barley itself is the grain – but to turn it into malt takes a special process. Malting is where you heat and wet the grain so that it breaks down into easy to eat […]

The Brewing Files

Assorted home brewing grains in glasses

In this series of posts, we’ll be exploring some of the ingredients in beer. What the heck are they? Why do we use them in my homebrew and what do they taste like? What are hops anyways? How do I get my beer to taste like a fruit salad? How do I get my beer […]

Sydney Brewing and Bacon Making Classes

Work Shop Sydney Class pic

Sydney siders, come join us for an evening of craft beer tasting and home brewing. This time, we’ll be developing a recipe in class for you to use when you get home as well as the usual introduction to the flavours and ingredients of beers and how to use them. Tickets at Work Shop’s website. […]

Brew School in Fitzroy – 2 Nov 2017

Map for Workshop Melbourne Homebrew School

We’re having another home brewing class coming up in a couple weeks. Learn the ingredients and flavours of beer and we’ll make a custom recipe you can take home to brew. Oh, and we’ll be having a lot of beers to taste as well! Tickets here: See you then!

Quick Craft Brew Review – Victory Brewing – Hop Devil IPA

Pic of Victory Brewing Hop Devil IPA bottle pouring craft beer

Very sweet, fruity, grape aroma. Mild taste and the beer’s not too heavy. It’s very highly hopped though, but balanced to a ‘T’. This is a strong, smooth, deceptive and well refined craft beer. The flavours bounce around in your mouth, none really overpowering the other. Then it finishes very smooth with only a slight […]

Craft Brew Review – Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout

Close up Photo of Samuel Smiths Chocolate Stout and Glass

Well, they weren’t kidding about the chocolate part Venue: BrewSmith HQ via Maxi Liquor Price: $10.99 (500mL) ABV: 5% Sam Smith Brewery’s page on the beer Two Best Things About the Beer: Mega chocolately, and a very nice creamy texture. It actually smells like a donut shop! Two Weaknesses of the Beer: It’s just too […]

Brew School at Work + Shop Melbourne

Want to join us for some brewing 101 and a whole lot of craft beer drinkin’? Of course you do! We’ll be brewing beer in class and covering the basics of what the heck we’re doing when we’re boiling and mixing this delicious mess together. Hops, malt, and yeast, and sometimes some fancier ingredients too. […]

GBW 2015 Gala Showcase

If you missed last week’s Good Beer Week Gala Showcase, it was a good one. There were several unique and outstanding craft beers, and it wasn’t even that crowded this year! Here are a few photos we took sampling and tasting a whole lot of craft beer. We shared some of the new beers, such […]

Craft Brew Review – Stillwater Artisinal Brewery – Debutante

Photo of Stillwater Brewing Debutante Biere de Garde bottle and Glass

A Saison by Any Other Name… Venue: BrewSmith HQ via Slow Beer ABV: 6.4% Stillwater’s Beer Page Two Best Things About the Beer: A nice spicy, fruity, and slightly rotten smell/taste. Tastes like a big saison. Two Weaknesses of the Beer: Not very distinctive. Was hoping there would be more flavours from the weird ingredients, […]