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Barley vs Malt – What’s the Deal? The Brewing Files

Most brewing geeks when describing a beer will often interchangeably use ‘malt’ and ‘barley’ – but what do they really mean? Barley itself is the grain – but to turn it into malt takes a special process. Malting is where you heat and wet the grain so that it breaks down into easy to eat […]

A Short History of Fruit in Beer And How To Use It

It’s highly likely that wine likely dates back just as far as beer, but from what we can tell, historic people didn’t care for distinctions like we do today and were happy to mix their fermentable ingredients into various types of beverages. There is chemical evidence from the tenth millennium B.C.E, which shows beer with […]

New Limited Edition Homebrewing Kit Recipe – Galactic Golden Ale

BrewSmith Galactic Golden Ale Homebrewing kit Flavour Badge

Hey folks, it’s been a heck of a summer so far, with something like 2x more retailers than last year and a whole lotta love from you all online, we’ve been busy brewers. Thankfully we had some time set aside to do a bunch of experimental brewing and have a couple of nice new things […]

Brewing Recipes To Start With – Summer 2015

Picture of Poured BrewSmith Aussie Wattle Pale Ale Homebrewing Recipe

Here are a few recipes to get you started off. We used Brewer’s Friend brewing calculator for these. These should be a nice way to celebrate summer, with the addition of a dark wheat recipe for you contrarian types. Now if you’re confused about all of these acronyms and things, that’s OK, you can still […]

New Stuff – Raw Ingredients

Photo of BrewSmith Homebrewing Ingredients in Bulk - Dark Crystal Caramel Malt

As BrewSmith grows and learns, so do our lovely BrewSmithians. So after numerous requests, we realized it might be time to offer some extra ingredients. That way you can get all the stuff you’ll need to continue home brewing your own recipes but using top notch ingredients. – Interested in nuking your next beer with […]

Christmas gifts he (or she) will love!

Picture of BrewSmith Homebrewing Australia Home Brewing Kit and Fermenter and Fern

The Christmas season is fast approaching and women everywhere will soon be contemplating what to buy for the men in their lives. A survey conducted by Officeworks showed that only 26% of Australians like the presents they receive, and women find it much harder to buy gifts for men. Luckily, we have some quirky ideas […]

Moa Brewing – Southern Alps White IPA

Moa Southern Alps White IPA Poured Beer with Bottle 2

Weirdos Needed. Apply Within. Venue: BrewSmith HQ via BWS Kew Moa’s Page on Their Special Editions (scroll down a bit) Price: $7.00 (500mL) ABV: 6.4% At first glance, it sounds unique. Wow, an IPA, and it’s white so I guess that means wheat? Well it sure does. Here’s an earthy, slightly funky grassy smelling IPA. […]

Monday Craft Brew Review – Gage Roads Brewing – Rapid Fire IPA

Pic of Gage Roads Rapid Fire IPA bottle and poured glass 1

Warning – American Exaggeration Enclosed One Big IPA to Rule Them All Tastes like a beer twice the price. Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via BWS Kew (yes, really) Crafty Pint’s article on the beer Price: $8.00 – 640mL (yes, really) ABV: 6.3% Ideal time and place: Best after a hard day riding around at warp […]