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Welcome Back to Summer – New Brewing Recipes and Brew School

BrewSmith Galactic Golden Ale Homebrewing Recipe Refill Bag

We’re back, and so is our favourite summer beer, Galactic Golden Ale. We have a limited supply and it’s been selling rather quickly this year; it really is a great drinking beer in the heat. Also coming up is a new brew school. It’s different from our usual class, will be doing some new things […]

GBW 2015 Gala Showcase

If you missed last week’s Good Beer Week Gala Showcase, it was a good one. There were several unique and outstanding craft beers, and it wasn’t even that crowded this year! Here are a few photos we took sampling and tasting a whole lot of craft beer. We shared some of the new beers, such […]

New Limited Edition Homebrewing Kit Recipe – Galactic Golden Ale

BrewSmith Galactic Golden Ale Homebrewing kit Flavour Badge

Hey folks, it’s been a heck of a summer so far, with something like 2x more retailers than last year and a whole lotta love from you all online, we’ve been busy brewers. Thankfully we had some time set aside to do a bunch of experimental brewing and have a couple of nice new things […]