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Foundations of Brewing Class – 29 October Melbourne

Laneway Learning Fermentation Brewing Workshop Pic

Coming up soon is a class covering the foundations of beer; what it’s made of, what the ingredients taste like and how to make something great (the first time)! This is a super fun, short, info-packed session. We’ll be bringing our favourite beers to share and explore what you need to make your own. You’ll […]

The Brewing Files – Cara Malt (Light Crystal Malt)

Photo of Cara Caramel Malt Homebrewing Ingredient in Bulk

Caramalt (also known as light crystal malt) is one of our favourites to brew with. It adds quite a bit to a beer – flavour, alcohol, a nice silky texture and a healthy head. What is caramalt? It’s a crystal malt – so sugars are produced inside the grain (using the enzymes in the grain […]

The Brewing Files

Assorted home brewing grains in glasses

In this series of posts, we’ll be exploring some of the ingredients in beer. What the heck are they? Why do we use them in my homebrew and what do they taste like? What are hops anyways? How do I get my beer to taste like a fruit salad? How do I get my beer […]

Welcome Back to Summer – New Brewing Recipes and Brew School

BrewSmith Galactic Golden Ale Homebrewing Recipe Refill Bag

We’re back, and so is our favourite summer beer, Galactic Golden Ale. We have a limited supply and it’s been selling rather quickly this year; it really is a great drinking beer in the heat. Also coming up is a new brew school. It’s different from our usual class, will be doing some new things […]

Autumn Recipes

As a chill returns to the air here in Victoria, it’s time for some nice dark beers. If you live somewhere hot – we have recipes for you too! These Autumn recipes are mostly based on the darker beer refills. With a few little additions, we can really make them shine. By the time they’re […]

X-Mas Mead Recipe Is X-Cellent

Picture of homebrewed mead in glass with christmas tree

This is an old recipe which we tried first a few years ago. It went down great, especially considering it was the first mead we had ever brewed. This one uses bread yeast and includes fruit and spices to make a delicious honey-based brew. Ten thousand years of drinkers can’t be wrong! The recipe is […]

Tangerine Honey Wheat Recipe

Picture of a tangerine on white background

Going back into our recipe archives, we had a recipe that we’d love to share. If you were in the BrewSmith Brew Club this summer, you’ll already have this recipe. The Brew Club is a fun way to share some extra cool freebies and recipe hacks. Join us here! Anyway, the recipe; it was an […]

BrewSmith Brew Club

Announcing BrewSmith Brew Club Love beer? Love surprises? Then this is for you. We’re now shipping the new Brew Club subscriptions. Grab a Brew Club membership and receive a surprise package full of homebrewing goodies each quarter. We personally select what’s in each shipment. Every quarter, Brew Club members receive two seasonal recipes. In winter, […]

Brewing Recipes To Start With – Summer 2015

Picture of Poured BrewSmith Aussie Wattle Pale Ale Homebrewing Recipe

Here are a few recipes to get you started off. We used Brewer’s Friend brewing calculator for these. These should be a nice way to celebrate summer, with the addition of a dark wheat recipe for you contrarian types. Now if you’re confused about all of these acronyms and things, that’s OK, you can still […]

New Stuff – Raw Ingredients

Photo of BrewSmith Homebrewing Ingredients in Bulk - Dark Crystal Caramel Malt

As BrewSmith grows and learns, so do our lovely BrewSmithians. So after numerous requests, we realized it might be time to offer some extra ingredients. That way you can get all the stuff you’ll need to continue home brewing your own recipes but using top notch ingredients. – Interested in nuking your next beer with […]