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X-Mas Mead Recipe Is X-Cellent

Picture of homebrewed mead in glass with christmas tree

This is an old recipe which we tried first a few years ago. It went down great, especially considering it was the first mead we had ever brewed. This one uses bread yeast and includes fruit and spices to make a delicious honey-based brew. Ten thousand years of drinkers can’t be wrong! The recipe is […]

Making Beer Ice Cream at Home

scooping the finished beer ice cream

What’s better than beer?  What’s better than icecream?  Beer icecream!   This hot weather has been the perfect excuse to try out something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  Make beer icecream!  So, I bought some cream, some chocolate chips and cracked open a fresh bottle of BrewSmith Chocolate Paradise Porter.  Voila!   My […]

Build Your Own Ultra-Tough Beer Mug Out of Wood at Home

Yes friends. The tyrant known as glass need not be your only source of beer containment. Are you super smart, self reliant and, although cultured, exude rugged charm? Then you can DIY your own damn mug, and this DIY craft-cup might just be up your alley (or rugged dirt road, whatever the case may be). First […]

Spent Grain Muesli

I don’t know about you but breakfast is what gets me out of bed in the morning (weekdays anyway).  And now there’s an even better incentive to get up… Malty beery goodness in your breakfast cereal!  We show you how to make spent grain muesli.  It’s crunchy, nutty, biscuity, sweet and delicious (contains no alcohol)! […]

Did someone say “Beer Cupcakes”?

So, it was BrewSmith’s first birthday last month and we decided to celebrate by throwing a bbq party on the banks of the Yarra and by making some BrewSmith beer cupcakes! The sun was out and it was super windy but a good day was had by all.  I almost forgot to photograph the cakes […]

Want a break from beer? Make mead with your BrewSmith kit!

If you ever feel like a break from beer (however unlikely), you may want to use your BrewSmith kit for brewing something else.  How about mead?  One of our great BrewSmith customers, Steve suggested the idea and sent us his tried and tested favourite recipe.   We’re happy to give anything a go once so last […]

Spent grain pear and cinnamon crumble

Looking for some comfort food during those cold winter nights?  Looking for a use for those spent grains from your latest batch of beer?  Then look no further!  We have a solution to both of those problems.  Spent grain pear and cinnamon crumble.  Warming, sweet, comforting and with icecream, even more delicious!   Filling Ingredients […]

How to Feed Your Addiction to Sriracha…For Cheap!

That’s right, everyone’s favorite Vietnamese hot sauce from San Jose, California is easy to make. Who knew? From “I’ve seen quite a few variations of sriracha made in home kitchens, some are cooked, others fresh, some have fish sauce, while others have tomatoes. But they all share chiles, vinegar, garlic, salt and a sweetener, […]