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New Home Brewing Stuff on Sale

BrewSmith Homebrewing Australia Carbonating Bottling Funnel Photo with Bottle

We’ve ran across some cool stuff recently and thought we’d add them to the store. First off is a set of bottle labels for the Hoppy Heart IPA, Honey Bomb and Chocolate Paradise Porter. They’re pretty nice, and we found them in storage (must’ve forgotten about them) To celebrate, we’ve got them free with any […]

Spent Grain Muesli

I don’t know about you but breakfast is what gets me out of bed in the morning (weekdays anyway).  And now there’s an even better incentive to get up… Malty beery goodness in your breakfast cereal!  We show you how to make spent grain muesli.  It’s crunchy, nutty, biscuity, sweet and delicious (contains no alcohol)! […]

BrewQ #13 – Can I Use Homegrown Hops in my Beer?

Of course you can! The hard part is using the right amount. Hops vary a fair bit in their bitterness when they are grown, generally 10-20% depending on the harvest. This can change the bitterness of your brew significantly. So what to do? Test them with your super sensitive chemical testing laboratory (your tongue). Make […]

BrewQ #12 – How Can I Make My Hoppy Heart IPA Even Hoppier?

So you’re a ruthless hop hunter, eh? A little bitter just isn’t enough? Ok, let’s play big, and play for keeps this time. There are two easy ways to get more bitterness out of the Hoppy Heart IPA recipe. Extra boil time. Rather than adding the ‘Add Me Next’ hops and the specialty grains after […]

Brew Q #9 – How Long Should I Wait for My Beer To Start Bubbling?

Answer: 48 hours is the longest it should take to start fermenting. As winter encloses us here in Melbourne, fermentation doesn’t come quite so easily. The cold temperatures will slow down everything your little yeasties do, including waking up and smelling the malt (so to speak). In the warmer months, we’ve had beers start bubbling […]

Spent Grain Pizza Dough – Take your pizza and beer relationship to the next level!

Beer and pizza, pizza and beer.  Was there ever a better match?  Well, now you can take their relationship to the next level by adding spent brewing grain from your Chocolate Paradise Porter or Hoppy Heart IPA recipe to your pizza dough.  It adds a nice colour and crunch to the dough.  It also makes […]

BrewSmith on Untappd

Do you like drinking fine beers? Do you like learning what’s new and hot, or perhaps what your friends are drinking as well? Or do you just need a handy way to keep track of all the beers you drank last night? If so, then try out Untappd. I use it on my phone to […]

Announcing the Release of New BrewSmith Flavour – Hoppy Heart IPA

BrewSmith is pleased to announce the launch of a new addition to its beer recipe range.  The launch of Hoppy Heart India Pale Ale coincides with Valentine’s Day and has been especially designed with hop lovers in mind.   “Hoppy Heart IPA is refreshing and hoppy but without being too bitter”, explains BrewSmith founder, Adrian […]

Spent grain beer bread – healthy and sustainable! (and did we mention delicious?)

We’ve found another use for your spent grain from the Chocolate Paradise Porter recipe.  Bread!   Once the grains have been soaked and the chocolately rich goodness removed for the beer, they’re a perfect addition to bread.  They add some texture and a hint of sweetness – great for toast or even sandwiches.  And the smell […]