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Spent Grain Muesli

I don’t know about you but breakfast is what gets me out of bed in the morning (weekdays anyway).  And now there’s an even better incentive to get up… Malty beery goodness in your breakfast cereal!  We show you how to make spent grain muesli.  It’s crunchy, nutty, biscuity, sweet and delicious (contains no alcohol)! […]

Spent Grain Christmas (in July or not) Pudding

I don’t know about you but Mr BrewSmith and I have been invited to a few ‘Christmas in July’ dinners recently.  We decided to make Christmas pudding for the last one and experimented by adding some spent grain.  It turned out quite well (if I do say so myself).  This hearty, warm, sweet pudding is […]

Spent grain pear and cinnamon crumble

Looking for some comfort food during those cold winter nights?  Looking for a use for those spent grains from your latest batch of beer?  Then look no further!  We have a solution to both of those problems.  Spent grain pear and cinnamon crumble.  Warming, sweet, comforting and with icecream, even more delicious!   Filling Ingredients […]

Classic American Baked Cheesecake with Spent Grain Base

Have you been looking for some ideas of what to do with your spent grain from your BrewSmith Hoppy Heart IPA and Chocolate Paradise Porter recipes?  Have we got a treat for you!  This baked cheesecake with spent grain base went down a treat at a recent party we held.  The spent grain adds a […]

Spent Grain Pizza Dough – Take your pizza and beer relationship to the next level!

Beer and pizza, pizza and beer.  Was there ever a better match?  Well, now you can take their relationship to the next level by adding spent brewing grain from your Chocolate Paradise Porter or Hoppy Heart IPA recipe to your pizza dough.  It adds a nice colour and crunch to the dough.  It also makes […]

Breeding Bread and Yogurt

So yesterday I decided to make some bread and some yogurt from scratch… Or at least, from the very basic ingredients. The bread recipe I used was called, ‘Dee’s health bread’ and can be found at: It worked out pretty well.  It is a nice chewy consistency, with linseed and sunflower kernals, along with […]

Spent grain beer bread – healthy and sustainable! (and did we mention delicious?)

We’ve found another use for your spent grain from the Chocolate Paradise Porter recipe.  Bread!   Once the grains have been soaked and the chocolately rich goodness removed for the beer, they’re a perfect addition to bread.  They add some texture and a hint of sweetness – great for toast or even sandwiches.  And the smell […]

Spent grain dog biscuits – even your dog will appreciate you brewing!

Ever wondered how your dog could benefit from brewing?  Probably not..  However, he/she can!  Yes, it’s true!  With this spent grain dog biscuit recipe! The used speciality grains from your Chocolate Paradise Porter recipe can be made into a treat for your four legged friend.  Once they’ve been soaked and the chocolately rich goodness removed for […]

Black Gold: Turning Spent Brewing Grain Into Unbeatable Biscuits (Cookies)

What to do with those spent grains from the Chocolate Paradise Porter recipe So, you’ve made the chocolate paradise porter kit and your new baby beer is bubbling away in its fermenter.  But what to do with those speciality grains you used to give it its delicious chocolatey dark flavour?  We have a solution.  You […]