Espresso IPA Expansion Pack

Picture of BrewSmith Espresso IPA Brewing Recipe Bag and Flavour BadgeOur Hoppy Heart IPA was a surprise hit when we released it. We expected it to be a 3rd of 4th place beer in the lineup, but apparently it’s too damn delicious and was number one for a very long time. It’s maintained it’s place as a very steady seller, which sounds like a good base to work with.

To bump up the flavour a notch, we thought it was time for something a little unconventional: an espresso IPA brewing kit. Starting with the solid base of Hoppy heart IPA brewing recipe, we added a whole heap of coffee. Then some more malt to add a little body and counteract the bitterness of the espresso. Add on another handful of hops for dry-hopping, and we ended up with a powerful brew that was just as drinkable as the original, but with a lot more ‘going on’.

It was actually quite difficult to balance the harshness of the coffee with the rest of the beer, so many batches flew through the BrewSmith home kitchen. The extra malt bumps up the ABV to about 7.6%, and the extra creaminess give it an amazing head that lasts quite a while. We love the zingy citrus flavours from the ample dry hopping which mellow out as the beer ages.

If you like IPA’s, we think you’ll enjoy this beer. It’s a rich, tasty salute to the unconventional brews that blew our minds when we started drinking craft beer. So if you have an extra Hoppy Heart IPA recipe and feel adventurous, pick up an Espresso IPA expansion pack and tell us what you think.
Espresso IPA Brewing Kit Expansion Pack Badge

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  • Avelino

    With the Hoppy heart IPA recipe, it says to add the ‘add me in 2 days’ hop after two days but this espresso IPA has another pack of hop for dry hopping. Do I still add te ‘add me in 2 days’ hop before dry hoping?


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