Good news! BrewSmith will be on tour in Europe starting from the 29th of May until the end of June. From the UK, we’ll be touring through France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy on a motorcycle (a Yamaha XJ900 in a very 90’s teal colour). Call it historical study if you will, but really it means we’ll be stopping into as many breweries as we can. Motorcycle in the Alps

We’d love your suggestions for cool spots to visit, beer related or not – and if we go there we’ll give you a shout-out with a photo. We’ll be sure to post a few pics on Instagram as we go along. The plan is flexible so far, with just a rough route planned through the Alps.

Have any good suggestions for places that are do-not-miss levels of cool? Going to be in Europe at the same time as us? Know any good distributors for the kits? Let us know and we’ll try to pop in and give you a mention.

See you in July.


P.S. orders will go out as normal, with a few exceptions explained here.

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