Friday Brew Q#10 – Can I Use Things Like Maple Syrup or Honey to Carbonate My Beer?

Short Answer: It’s a bad ideaBrewQ10 Can I use Honey or maple syrup to carbonate my beer

While maple sugar and honey are delicious, unfortunately, they aren’t very consistent products. Various types of maple syrup can have very different concentrations of sugar. Honey as well, depends on the type of nectar, water content and types of sugar it is composed of. All of these variables will change how much your beer carbonates. And given the small amount needed for carbonating a bottle of beer, you don’t get much flavour from it anyways.

But what can happen is either flat beer, or potentially exploding bottles. We’ve stuck to table sugar because the composition is very consistent, it’s easy to measure (try precisely pouring 1 teaspoon of honey and getting all of it into a bottle- not easy), and it’s easy to find.

So stick to table sugar, it’s simple and consistent. That’s our advice!

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