Aussie Wattle Pale

Aussie Wattle Pale Ale is a great first beer; it’s quick to brew, has lots of flavour and easy to drink. Here are a few tips to help guide you through the boil.

Proper care and feeding of your fermenting beer. There are a few things to keep in mind, but the hardest part is waiting!

A how to video about bottling. Includes priming with sugar and proper filling technique. Don’t act like you aren’t excited! Have more questions? Ask us on the blog, Twitter or Facebook.

5 replies on “Aussie Wattle Pale

  • Filippo

    Hi there, I was brewing with brew Smith one Australian wattle pale ale, and I followed precisely the instruction and the video tutorial.
    Everything seemed fine but when I went today to place the airlock instead than the tube, I noticed that it looks very dark and flat compared the the one in the video.
    Also it hadn’t been babbling much, and don’t seem to be fermented,
    Not sure what to do, so
    should i just keep brewing it and check the final result or do you have any tips for it?

    • brewministrator

      Hi Filippo,
      Sounds like you got some dud yeast (or the wort was too hot when you added the yeast, potentially) – the quickest way to get it started is to grab a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or IPA and keep the yeast from the bottom of the bottle (and add). A Cooper’s will work too, just don’t shake it up; pour off the top of the beer and leave a few cm in the bottom. Swirl and add the yeasty slurry into your beer. Should get started quickly then!
      Also, sanitize your hands and give it a good second aeration.
      Let us know how it goes!
      Team BrewSmith

    • brewministrator

      Hi Jay, the beers taste best if used within a few months as hops lose their flavour naturally. But the beer itself will last as long as commercial beer. The hops, alcohol and yeast help preserve it!

      • Jay

        Ok great. I have only been fermenting the beer for a total of 4 days. The first 2 days it was bubbling alot, but when I put the airlock in 2 days later it was not bubbling a great deal, say eevery 30 seconds and 4 days now it is bubbling not much at all. In the instructions it mentions your beer will be ready to bottle after about 2 weeks if warm. So it has been a total of 4 days and hardly bubbling say every 1-2 minutes max even longer. Should I bottle the beer now or after 10 days? This is my first batch and just want to be sure, thanks.


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