Chocolate Paradise Porter

This video runs you through the basics of brewing your Chocolate Paradise Porter. Follow along with the printed instructions while you watch.

Proper care and feeding of your fermenting beer. There are a few things to keep in mind, but the hardest part is waiting.

A how to video about bottling. Includes priming with sugar and proper filling technique. Don’t act like you aren’t excited! Bottling Have more questions? Ask us on the blog, Twitter or Facebook.

2 replies on “Chocolate Paradise Porter

  • Mark smith

    Hi just wondering how much do the bottles cost is it easy to brew beer I just need a good hobby and I love craft beer it’s so expensive so I thought make my own would be good and if you do it right is the taste close to the real thing

    • brewministrator

      Hey Mark, we don’t really buy bottles anymore, we’ve found that a couple of 4 packs of Grolsch swing top bottles are the best in the business! Have a couple of decent lagers and start brewing. Have a look at our FAQ’s for a couple of good pointers and you can also take a look at our how-to-brew pages to see what the process is (videos and all). Any other brewing questions, we’d love to help.


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