How To Brew Hoppy Heart IPA (India Pale Ale)

Get your brew started with this video, we’ll run through the boil process. Grab a beer and follow along!

A quick walk-through of dry-hopping and adding your airlock. 

The low-down on bottling. A few extra tips to help you out. Have more questions? Ask us on the blog, Twitter or Facebook.

11 thoughts on “Hoppy Heart IPA

  1. Mark Dale says:

    I’ve just started my first brew an IPA. I’m about to start the fermentation process but my brew doesn’t have any foam and it looks as some sediment is at the bottom. I’m assuming something has gone wrong. Should I continue or scrap the brew and start again?

    • brewministrator says:

      Hey Mark, don’t throw it out, that sounds totally normal. Give it some time for the yeast to begin fermenting (don’t forget to add the yeast and oxygenate thoroughly by shaking). It can take up to 72 hours.

    • brewministrator says:

      Hi Eugene,
      You’ll need to wait about 2 weeks before putting them in the fridge, otherwise the yeast won’t get a chance to carbonate your beer. Happy brewing!

  2. Sam says:

    Once at bottling stage, could I just pour straight into a keg, rather than adding sugar for bottles? I’ve got a keg fridge setup.


    • brewministrator says:

      Hey Sam,
      Yes, that works just fine. Be careful not to splash when syphoning and if you have the time, we’d recommend letting it sit an extra five days for less sediment in your keg. Let us know how it goes!

  3. Gerard Miners says:

    Hi. I just did my first batch. When I bottled there was heaps of sediment in the fermentation bottle. Is that normal and how do you siphon when you get close to the sediment. Thanks.

    • brewministrator says:

      Hi Gerard, the best way of keeping the yeasty sediment down is to wait an extra week after your brew fermentation stops. The yeast will compact into a nice hard cake and you will hardly suck any of it up. Cheers!
      Team BrewSmith

  4. Shane Crick says:

    HI, Just finished the 2 day wait after the boiling. My brew does not seem to look like yours at all. It’s much darker. No foam at all. The bung would not stay in when I put it in the first day (Kept pushing out of the top of the bottle. Managed to get it to stay in ok but now I’m worried it wasn’t in correctly and has stuffed up the fermentation process?

    • brewministrator says:

      Hi Shane, is there any slight ring of bubbles on the surface of the beer? You may have slow yeast. Take a pic if you can –
      -Team BrewSmith

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