How to Feed Your Addiction to Sriracha…For Cheap!

That’s right, everyone’s favorite Vietnamese hot sauce from San Jose, California is easy to make. Who knew?


“I’ve seen quite a few variations of sriracha made in home kitchens, some are cooked, others fresh, some have fish sauce, while others have tomatoes. But they all share chiles, vinegar, garlic, salt and a sweetener, and I have stuck with these basics. I have stayed close to the original recipe I first discovered, making only a few little tweaks. After a whirl in the blender, the combination of red fresno chiles and garlic creates a sauce with heat and spice, balanced with bright flavor from apple cider vinegar and a touch of honey sweetness (which I used in place of the original white vinegar and brown sugar). I truly can’t get enough of this stuff.”

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Now I’m not sure where to get Fresno chiles here, but I suspect red Thai chilies should be very close. Has anyone tried making it before?

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