How to make a Terrarium BrewSmith style!

Sure to impress!

OK, so this terrarium is not really very beer related.  However, it is made using one of our BrewSmith glass fermenters and when we’ve been taking it along to our markets, it’s been getting quite a lot of attention!  So, I thought I’d tell you how to make it.  It’s really quite easy and everyone will be super impressed!


  • A glass container
  • Coloured stones/pebbles (e.g. from Bunnings or garden centre)
  • Preserved sphagnum moss  (also available from Bunnings or garden centre)
  • Potting mix
  • A couple of plants such as ferns and moss


  • Put your stones at the bottom of your glass container
  • Put a layer of preserved moss on top of the stones – this prevents the potting mix from going between the stones
  • Pour in a layer of potting mix
  • Now comes the tricky part – using whatever tools you have available (I used a knitting needle), place your plants within the soil
  • It’s best to use plants that work well with one another and require a similar amount of water e.g. ferns and moss.
  • No real need to water – this one’s been going for weeks now and we haven’t needed to water it once.  If things are looking dry, maybe spray in some water
  • Keep inside but not in direct sunlight – partial sunlight is perfect
  • You can buy mini figurines to place in the terrarium which look quite cute and you can also get terrarium specific gardening tools!

    It’s a mini forest in a fermenter!

Making terrariums with BrewSmith is also easy!

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