Moa Brewing – Southern Alps White IPA

Weirdos Needed. Apply Within.

Venue: BrewSmith HQ via BWS Kew
Moa’s Page on Their Special Editions (scroll down a bit)
Price: $7.00 (500mL)
ABV: 6.4%

At first glance, it sounds unique. Wow, an IPA, and it’s white so I guess that means wheat? Well it sure does. Here’s an earthy, slightly funky grassy smelling IPA. Let’s get into it.

First Sip: Frankly, not that great. Too bitter, very ‘muddy’ tasting, and leaves a bit of a sting in the back of your throat. Normally I’d throw out a beer that ended up like this.

Second Sip: Hmm, maybe I missed something earlier. I can taste the orangey spice, and the floral aromas stick around in my mouth.

Third Sip: Give it a smell (still a bit strange), but it seems to mellow out a little. More of the honey malt flavours are shining through, and the yeast esters are flowing like a strange fruit smoothie. Still a bit harsh though.

Anyways, interesting beer. White contains all the colours, and in this instance, this beer has almost all the flavours. It’s a bit too much and frankly confusing, and mostly spoiled by being over-hopped. But for $7.00 a bottle, you can’t go wrong. Give it a crack, it might just blow your mind. It’s 7 bucks.

One thumb down.

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