Moa Royal Belgian Double IPA

What? Another Special Edition Moa for $7? You betcha.

Venue: BrewSmith HQ via BWS Kew
Price: $7.00 (500mL)
ABV: 9.1%

Two best things about this beer: Distinct divide between the IPA and the Belgian character. Sorely missing from a lot of these mashup-style beers.

No weaknesses here.

Goes great with a creme brulee or caramel popcorn. Anything else will pale in comparison.

Ideal time and place: This is definitely a Thursday afternoon kind of beer.

This matches the name. It’s viscous, malty beast with a twist of tang and an ample load of hops. There’s a distinct divide between the belgian double and the IPA character, which is delightful. Has a nice rich body which is cut well by the heavy dose of booze. This is could be treated like a sippable spirit, or a very nice RTD cocktail!

A good demonstration of a Belgian mashup. Thanks Moa, you’ve proven to us that we were drinking all of those weird and lame fake Belgians for a reason. You’ve made it worthwhile.
Two thumbs up.

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