Monday Brew Review – Little Creatures – Shepherd’s Delight

  • Venue: A cold and rainy evening at BrewSmith HQ, via McCoppins, Richmond Little Creatures Shepherds Delight bottle and glass
  • Crafty Pint’s Description of the beer
  • Price: $7.50 (568mL)
  • ABV: 6.2%
  • Ideal time and place: At home on a super wet and chilly evening. This totally hit the spot.
  • Goes great with: spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce. It can hold it’s own.

Two Best Things About This Beer:

  • Very smooth, rich and tasty. There’s sweet malt, husky grain, fruity yeast flavors, and clean balanced hop flavor. Reminds me of our own Hoppy Heart IPA. Has a very slightly ‘cool’ aftertaste which reminded me of mint.
  • Nice size. I like a big bottle. And it’s cheap.

Two Weaknesses:

  • I can’t really fault it much. Maybe an extra few points of alcoholic heat would be a plus.
  • ?

If you would like to try a very balanced but really deep and flavorful IPA, this is one to get. And get it before it runs out – they call it ‘Single batch’ for a reason!

Two thumbs up!

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