Monday Brew Review – Mikkeler Mexas Ranger

Picture of Mikkeler Mexas Ranger bottle and poured beer

  • Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via McCoppin’s Richmond (I think)
  • Beer Advocate’s Page on the Beer
  • Price: $Free! I found it lost among some cartons here at BrewSmithHQ
  • ABV: 6.6%
  • Ideal time and place: On an acid trip in a Mexican market.
  • Goes great with: Goes with steak tacos or chipotle pork, maybe a Beerspresso or even a normal cafe espresso would accompany it quite well.

Two Best Things about this Beer:

  • Big bold and really complex
  • Avocado leaves! Seriously!

Two weaknesses of this beer:

  • It could be a bit bigger
  • That’s all I could come up with

Pours some of the strongest head I’ve ever seen; you can eat it as if it were whipped cream. Take a look at the picture, the head doesn’t reduce, it starts slowly dissolving like a chunk of moon-rock that’s been dipped in acid. But I mean that in a delicious way. It’s a zingy treat on top of your beer, and who could complain? Smells exceedingly earthy and bread-yeasty. Tastes very herbal/earthy/black beany. There’s a bit of heat and you’ll definitely taste some smoke. A sweet chocolate taste comes through nicely as well. A tiny bit of heat finishes out the beer.

It’s as well rounded as a bean!
Three Thumbs Up!

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