Monday Brew Review – Williams Brothers Brewing – Ebulum Elderberry Black Ale

Picture of Ebulum Elderberry Black Ale and BottleDark, Mysterious and…Elderberry-y?

Two Best Things about this Beer:

  • The sweet starchiness of the elderberry. It’s subtle, but if you’ve tasted elderberry before, you’ll taste it here.
  • So so smooth. It’s almost ephemeral.

Two weaknesses of this beer:

  • Surprisingly thin body
  • Not much aroma to enjoy

This very soft dark ale is 6.5% but mysteriously smooth. Only a hint of dark roasted flavour, it’s mostly mild and the flavour fades away like a night-time mist. Cue spooky music.

One thumb up. Give it a try, it’s an interesting use of elderberry.


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