Monday Craft Brew Review – 3 Ravens Smoke Beer

3 Ravens Smoke Beer with Bottle

Monday Craft Brew Review

Recently, Ms. BrewSmith and I tried to go to a Saturday night Melbourne Comedy Fest show…without pre-booking. Sold out. Damn.

What else can we do in the CBD on a Saturday night? Oh that’s right, go drink some beer. But not just any beer, it should be something tasty and hopefully interesting. That led us to Mrs. Parma’s, and it was here that a few thoughts came together into an idea: let’s review some of the interesting beers we’ve tried. That way, we all can avoid some of the duds, and find some of the gems normally overlooked at the bar/pub/bottle-o. And it counts as a tax write-off, too, doesn’t it?

So that leads us to 3 Ravens Brewing‘s Smoke Beer. I’m pretty skeptical of smoke flavored things, for example: bacon bits, but I was intrigued enough to try it out, and 3 Ravens generally makes a nice beer. There’s not a lot of information on the bottle, but pouring it and smelling it gives a pretty good indication where you’re heading: you’re heading to flavour country. This beer sips like a robust brown ale, but slips in a major waft of smoked wood. Imagine standing next to a campfire sipping a dark beer. It’s just like that. Not a very heavy beer, nor much head, but the smoke just kind of wafts you along. It certainly takes more time to drink a bottle than smoke a cigarette, though. It’s a surprisingly clean aftertaste, but the smoke lingers in your mouth for a long time. Don’t try to taste anything subtle afterwards, you’ll be tasting the campfire for a while afterwards.

3 Ravens Smoke Beer: it’s a nice beer if you want to dedicate a bit of time to it. Just don’t expect to drink too many of them. Possibly the best beer to accompany S’mores.

Two Thumbs up (wholeheartedly recommended to beer fans)



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  • Willy C

    I too am skeptical of smoke flavoured anything. I dig the Islay scotches and to me that is the benchmark of when smokey tastes good. I had a smoke beer at the spectapular last year. It was beyond horid


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