Monday Craft Brew Review – Gage Roads Brewing – Rapid Fire IPA

Warning – American Exaggeration Enclosed

One Big IPA to Rule Them All

Pic of Gage Roads Rapid Fire IPA bottle and poured glass 2
Tastes like a beer twice the price.
Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via BWS Kew (yes, really)
Crafty Pint’s article on the beer
Price: $8.00 – 640mL (yes, really)
ABV: 6.3%

Ideal time and place: Best after a hard day riding around at warp speeds in/on your favourite mode of transportation.

Goes great with: Anything from a BBQ, like a bag of salted potato chips and a spicy sausage.

Two Best Things about this Beer:
-Lots of body – yet ridiculously smashable
-Nice caramel tooffee aftertaste, and a little lupulin zing that tastes like you’re licking a fresh hop cone straight off the vine. Certainly smells and tastes citrusy.

Two weaknesses of this beer:
-There’s nothing to see here.

This is a nice big American IPA. A superlative example of the style, even better than the 8 Wired fresh hopped IPA which costs something like $14 for a smaller bottle.

Three thumbs up, and it’s only $8! Go buy out BWS in Kew, they have at least 6 left (they’re in the cool room).
It’s a keeper.


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