Monday Craft Brew Review – St. Peter’s Brewery – Cream Stout

  • Venue: An Eastern European household, via McCoppins, Richmond St Peters Brewery Cream Stout - picture of bottle and glass
  • St. Peter’s Brewery Website
  • Price: $10 (500mL)
  • ABV: 6.5%
  • Ideal time and place: Waiting in reception for the dentist. This will definitely calm your nerves.
  • Goes great with: a coffee, just for balance.

Two Best Things About This Beer:

  • Ultra creamy and flavourful.
  • The bottle is way cool – it’s an ovoid medicine bottle. The picture doesn’t really do it justice.

Two Weaknesses:

  • The licorice flavour really puts me off.
  • This beer’s too rich to even finish the bottle! Seriously. Is that a weakness? Perhaps it’s my weakness and not the beer’s…

If you would like to try a sweet creamy stout with a slight medicine-ey flavour, this one will fit the bill. If you like anise, this beer will treat you well.

One thumb up!