New Beerspresso Packaging

After a bunch of Beerspresso went out the door last year, and a surprising amount to the USA, we thought it earned a makeover. Our humble little barley/coffee blend has hit maturity (how cute)!

We wanted to make it an even nicer treat to give as a gift, or to enjoy yourself.

With help from our graphic designer, the look is much more eye catching, and some delightful details have been added in the extra space that we get to work with. It’s also a much tougher bag, three times as thick in fact.

To promote the new packaging, if you need a kit and a refill, we’ll add in a Beerspresso for free (use code beerspresso till 20 July 16 or we run out of stock)

We hope you like it! Drop us a line and let us know what you think. Or grab some in the shop.

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