New BrewSmith Beer – Red Rye Ale Homebrewing Kit and Recipe


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It’s Autumn already – time for a nice, hearty red ale. We wanted to make it rich, so it’s packed with 4 different types of specialty grains which give it huge body and a delicious flavour. Taming the maltiness is a heavy load of dry hopping and a touch of rye giving this beer a robust, well rounded flavour. Enjoy it on a crisp day, or a warm one. It actually tastes best if given a few minutes to warm up.

It’s like drinking a big, malty, hug!

We’ll have this beer at the Good Beer Week Showcase next week to get feedback on the final recipe. It’s available now for pre-order! Link to the kit here and refill here.

Happy BrewSmithing!

7 replies on “New BrewSmith Beer – Red Rye Ale Homebrewing Kit and Recipe

    • Adrian

      Hi Nirav,
      We’d love to share, but it’s kind of our ‘secret sauce’ if you know what I mean. Happy to help if you’re building your own recipe, though.
      Team BrewSmith

      • Nirav Haria

        ah yes! makes sense, I have bought a few separate ingredients for my next batch – no idea what I am doing or what it will taste like but I shall keep you posted on my recipe before i start to get your thoughts on it 😀

  • James

    Hi Adrian,

    It’s day 5 of fermentation for my first run at this Red Rye. I came downstairs this morning to find that overnight the head had expanded dramatically. It was bubbling up through the airlock and foaming out the top. I removed the bung and airlock, quickly rinsed, re-sterilised and replaced. I hope this hasn’t ruined my brew?

    I didn’t strain the ‘add me last hops’. I put them straight into the fermenter (not sure if that was right). Then, when the long hose was on, it sucked so hard that about 2 centimetres of steriliser went into the brew. They are the only things I can think of that I did differently.


    • Adrian

      Hi James, if you had 2 cm of sanitizer in your beer, it probably won’t taste very good, sorry to say. Did the fermentation start very late? The purpose of the tube is to prevent the massive over-spill of vigorous yeast which usually happens in the first two or three days of fermentation.

      • James

        Hi Adrian, Yea so I guess the fermentation started quite late then because the over-spill of yeast happened on day 5 after I had put the airlock on. That makes sense. But why did the beer contract, causing the steriliser to come all the way up the long hose? (I definitely used the long hose, not the shorter one) Is that connected to the late fermentation?


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